Canada Travel After DUI

The Canadian government does not look favorably upon a drunk driving conviction. A DUI conviction in Oklahoma can keep you from crossing the border into Canada and could even cause you to be detained when changing planes in Canada. It is possible you could be denied entry while a DUI charge is pending against you.

If you are planning to travel to Canada for business or pleasure and have a DUI on your record, you must take steps to ensure that you will be able to enter the country.

Temporary Resident Permit

If your DUI charge is less than five years old, you may consider applying for a Temporary Resident Permit, or TRP. Your visit to Canada must be for a specific reason and, if accepted, you must only stay in the country for the amount of time noted on the permit. This temporary solution is also an option if you are waiting for a decision on an application for criminal rehabilitation.

Criminal Rehabilitation in Canada

If it has only been five years since the end of your probation or sentencing, you must apply for criminal rehabilitation. This can be a lengthy and complicated process, so be sure to plan well in advance of your intended travel dates.

Deemed Rehabilitated

If it has been 10 years since the end of your sentence was completed, you may be deemed rehabilitated and allowed to enter Canada. You should still seek legal counsel to have a formal letter written regarding your conviction, as your criminal record may be checked before you enter the country.