Contesting the DUI Blood Test in Oklahoma

Oklahoma law enforcement agencies generally use one of two tests during the course of a DUI investigation: blood or breath. Although blood tests are generally considered more reliable than breathalyzers, they are far from perfect. As such, many drivers find that, with help from an experienced attorney, contesting the DUI blood test in Oklahoma is much easier than they thought possible.

Named to the SuperLawyers list every year since 2008, Attorney Bruce Edge—of The Edge Firm—is board certified in DUI defense. He has been trained on the blood tests, and understands their potential flaws and weaknesses. If you have been arrested after “failing” the Oklahoma blood test, he can review your case to uncover an appropriate defense against your charges.

Defining DUI

Legally speaking, a driver’s level of impairment is based on the amount of alcohol in his or her bloodstream—a measurement known as blood alcohol content, or BAC. According to research, most people begin to show signs of intoxication when their BAC reaches 0.08% or more. As such, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a BAC above this amount.

To determine a driver’s blood alcohol content, a chemical test must be administered. While breathalyzers are far more common than any other testing method, blood tests are preferred if the driver was involved in an auto accident or is unable to perform a breath test.

Conducting the Test

While blood tests tend to be more accurate than breathalyzers, they also come with far more guidelines. The person who administers the test must be a medical professional, for example, and everyone who comes into contact with the blood sample must follow the appropriate chain of command in order for the results to be valid. If the sample is not taken, transported, and stored properly, it should not be tested.

After undergoing extensive training, Mr. Edge is well-versed in the science of blood testing, and has hands-on experience in administering the test, as well as interpreting the results. Throughout this experience, Mr. Edge has seen just how easy it is to manipulate a person’s blood test results—and he knows all-too well how flawed the testing process can be.

As one of the state’s two board-certified DUI defense attorneys, Mr. Edge stands far above other attorneys in his field—and his clients have a clear advantage when it comes to challenging their blood test results.

To ensure you have the best chance of winning your case, contact The Edge Law Firm today for a free evaluation of your case.