Hidden Costs of a DUI

Have you had a friend, co-worker or—even worse—an attorney tell you a DUI is no big deal in Oklahoma? Heaven forbid that they say you may be able to save money and just plea it yourself (“the worst that will happen is you will go to DUI School and pay a fine”). Sound familiar?

STOP — BE CAREFUL! Even in a small municipal court there are many hidden costs. The following is a list of potential costs associated with a DUI in Oklahoma:

› Up to 20 years in prison
› Loss of your driver’s license for up to 8 years
› Loss of your Global Entry Pass
› $5,000 fine
› Mandatory community service up to 480 hours (2 months of work hours)
› 28 days of inpatient treatment at your expense (in the tens of thousands of dollars)
› Electronic monitoring for you and/or your car
› You may be fired from your present job
› Your credit rating may be downgraded
› Many insurance policies will not allow you to drive a company vehicle with a conviction
› Loss of your driver’s license up to 3 years (WE MUST APPEAL THIS WITHIN 15 DAYS OR IT IS TOO LATE)
› Lifetime loss of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) (15 days to appeal)
› Lifetime inability to obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) (15 days to appeal)
› Loss of a pilot’s License (15 days to appeal and various other reporting)
› Loss of right to vote
› A crime to own a gun
› Your auto insurance can increase by thousands of dollars each year for years to come
› The cost of your health insurance may increase
› It maybe difficult to obtain life insurance and its cost may increase
› You may be prevented from entering foreign countries including Canada
› You may be evicted from many rental units and others may refuse to allow you to move in
› Many future jobs may be closed to you due to a conviction