Oklahoma DUI Attorney Stephen Edge

Oklahoma DUI Attorney Stephen Edge

Why I Became a Lawyer

I frequently hear the same thing from clients when they talk to me about their cases: “I am not the person these charges make me sound like I am.” It’s a heartbreaking thing to hear because it is so very true. The unacknowledged truth about our society is that everyone makes mistakes, and everyone needs help sometimes. I became a lawyer to help people prevent spending the rest of their lives being defined by what they have been charged with.

How Stephen Got Started

Stephen began his legal career as a bailiff at the Tulsa County Courthouse where he built personal and professional relationships with both District and Special Judges. For eight years he worked at the right hand of Judges, handling misdemeanor dockets and trials and eventually bailiffing for the Chief/Presiding Judge on felony trials. This experience gives him a very unique perspective on how the courthouse runs and the ways in which Judges who hear criminal cases think.

Leaving the courthouse to pursue his own legal training at the University Of Tulsa College Of Law, Stephen distinguished himself by graduating after earning a CALI Award, which is reserved only for the highest scoring student in each law school class. Not being content with only studying law in Oklahoma, Stephen has also attended the University College of Dublin law school in Ireland. He continuously attends legal and scientific educational seminars in order to keep up to date with both new technologies utilized by police and the most successful legal techniques being used around the nation.

Before joining his private practice, Stephen worked as an intern on the Felony docket for the Public Defender’s office, gaining a wealth of hands on experience in a wide range of criminal charges that no school can teach. He has translated this experience into multiple victories for his clients, including dismissals in Felony Possession and DUI cases.

Dedicated to Criminal Defense

While some attorneys may be generalists who dabble in criminal law while also working on civil cases or divorces, Stephen’s practice is 100% dedicated to criminal law and defending you. Remember, the State has an entire team of lawyers whose only goal is to prosecute you. Why would you want someone defending you who can’t say their only focus is ensuring you receive the best possible outcome in your case?

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