Team Edge


The Edge Advantage

When you hire the Edge Law Firm to take on your case, you’re getting more than a defense attorney; you’re getting a team of some of the most educated and experienced legal professionals and specialists in the industry.

Exceptional Training

Everyone in our office holds a college or advanced degree. Each member of our staff has also been certified to administer the standardized field sobriety tests that are sanctioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration—the same tests that are given by law enforcement officers during DUI stops in Oklahoma. Our firsthand knowledge of how these tests are given and scored gives us a unique edge in defending clients who have allegedly failed these examinations.

Outstanding Specialists

We retain some of the best in the business to work exclusively with our clients. We have our own private investigator who interviews witnesses, recreates the scenes of DUI stops and tracks down valuable evidence.

We understand how important it is to retain your driver’s license, so we hired the former Assistant General Counsel of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS)—the department that tries to take your license away from you—as a full time member of our staff. He works exclusively to save our clients’ drivers licenses.

Team Edge

While each member of our staff brings an invaluable set of skills to the firm, we recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When we take on a new case, we rely heavily on the entire team to work together to give you the best representation possible.

Best of all, there is no extra charge for the services of our attorneys and specialists. You can rest assured that your case is in exceptionally qualified hands, with no financial surprises at the conclusion of your case.