Tulsa, Oklahoma DUI Videos

Welcome to the Edge Law Firm, P.C. video library. Here you will discover many videos covering a wide range of driving under the influence topics. If you or a loved one is facing a DUI conviction, act fast and call our law office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (918) 582-6333 or send us a free online case consultation form.

Watch the following DUI videos show casing professional defense lawyer Bruce Edge:

→ Your Warrior
→ The Edge Difference
→ Your Driver’s License Expert
→ Don’t Talk To The Police
→ Our Recent Case Wins
→ Why Are We Different?
→ War Room Council
→ Board Certified DUI Defense
→ Entire Office is Trained
→ It Makes Me Sick
→ The Sights, Sound and Smell Of Jail
→ Bruce Edge Introduction
→ Full Time Investigator Included
→ The Intoxilyzer 8000
→ The Portable Breath Test
→ Oklahoma Super Lawyer Designation
→ Why am I a DUI Attorney?
→ I Wrote The Oklahoma DUI Book
→ Not All Attorneys Are Created Equal
→ BAC Blood Testing
→ Dealing With Arrest, Driving and Court Records
→ You Do Not Have Same Rights With DUI As With Other Arrests
→ Drug Recognition Expert Training
→ DUI and Manslaughter
→ Expert Witnesses
→ Field Sobriety Test Training
→ Get an Attorney That Is Willing To Fight For You
→ How To Compare DUI Attorneys?
→ I Get Referrals From Other Attorneys, Judges, DA and LE
→ I ONLY Do DUI Defense
→ The Intoxilyzer 8000
→ Let Us Help You During This Stressful Time
→ Make Sure You Understand The Pluses And Minuses Of Taking A Deal
→ Politely Decline To Take The Field Sobriety Tests
→ Prescription Drugs and DUI
→ Stay Calm, Polite, Quiet And Alert During The Arrest
→ Teaching DUI Defense Seminars To Other Attorneys and LE
→ There Are Two Ways To Prosecute For DUI
→ You Want The Best Representation Possible
→ You Will Have Both an Admin and Criminal Case with your DUI
→ More Information About the Edge Law Firm
→ There is Hope if You Were Arrested For DUI
→ Protect Your License After DUI
→ Why Two Charges?
→ Administrative Hearing Importance
→ What Is Implied Consent?
→ DUI vs. DWI Charge
→ First Offense Penalties
→ Second Offense Penalties
→ Third Offense Penalties
→ Third Felony Conviction
→ When Is A DUI A Misdemeanor?
→ Felony DUI Charges
→ Child Endangerment
→ Blood Alcohol Concentration
→ DUI Of Drugs
→ State Breath Test Refusal
→ Blowing Over The Legal Limit
→ Failed Breath Test Defenses
→ Failed Field Sobriety Test Defenses
→ Chemical Test Refusal
→ Zero Tolerance Laws
→ What Is Actual Physical Control?
→ What Is An Ignition Interlock Device?
→ Are Miranda Rights Required?
→ What Is DUI School?
→ Why Conduct Field Sobriety Tests?
→ How Is Mouth Alcohol A Defense?
→ CDL Holder Penalties For DUI
→ What Is Rising Blood Alcohol?
→ Jail After A Conviction
→ Roadside vs. State Breath Test
→ Future Repercussions
→ Great Bodily Injury Charge