What the Oklahoma Police and Prosecutors Think of Bruce Edge

At a prior First Degree Manslaughter trial, when the prosecuting attorney made his closing statement to the jury, he spoke in a frustrated voice and said:

The trial is NOT about how much attorney Bruce Edge has knowledge of!”

Well, as a matter a fact, it was—shortly after, the jury came back with a NOT GUILTY VERDICT.

In a different hearing, a police officer had been a little difficult and changed some of his testimony from a previous hearing. Bruce took him on a long cross examination and a journey to determine the truth.

Finally, the officer was released from the witness stand and hurriedly left. As he was leaving the court he saw the client sitting on a bench in the hallway and approached her. He said, “I am just curious, how much did you pay Bruce?” The client was polite but said she would prefer not to say. The officer, clearly frustrated, then said, “Well, however much it was, YOU GOT YOUR MONEY’S WORTH,” and hurriedly left the building.

Bruce is obviously well respected, because police, sheriff’s deputies, state troopers, judges and prosecutors have referred clients to him. They see how he works and the results he gets.