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What Is A Board Certified DUI Lawyer?

It is an extremely difficult task to become a Board Certified DUI attorney. There are only 47 lawyers in the United States who have achieved this level of excellence in DUI defense. Bruce Edge is the only Tulsa DUI attorney so recognized. › Learn More

WARNING: "I Only Have 15 Days To Start Protecting You"

We have full time attorney, Brian Morton, former Assistant General Counsel for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, fighting to help you keep your license. This is a part of our standard service because we know how import your driver’s license can be and we are committed to protecting you from all directions. We also have a full time in house private investigator that is available at no extra cost to you but allows us to explore every defense possible.  › Learn Why

Board Certified

Your Personal Warrior

Jail is an experience that will have a lasting impact on the rest of your life. Find out more about how Attorney Bruce Edge will be your personal warrior and fight for your rights. We also have a Private Investigator who can start to work for you today at no extra cost. › Watch The Video

Board Certified

Blood Testing and DUI

Bruce Edge has trained extensively in the lab, actually performing blood tests. Because of this training, he knows there are multiple ways the results for a blood test can be inaccurate. This can be due to improper administration of the test, or mishandling of the test samples. With our knowledge we can craft a defense for your case and potentially suppress evidence. › Learn How To Challenge The Blood Test


Effective 11-1-2011: If you refused to take the breath/blood test or your BAC was a .15 or higher, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car for TWO years. If you have a prior license revocation, it could be up to 8 years.

Contact our office at 918-582-6333 so we can help protect you.

Remember, we must take action within 15 days of your arrest to prevent a license suspension.

Hidden Costs Of An Oklahoma DUI - What Most Lawyers Don't Know

Just because the officer took your drivers license, your world has been turned upside down. Below are few of many things you can no longer do even though you HAVE NOT been convicted of any crime or EVEN APPEARED in court:

  • › Cash a check
  • › Open a bank account
  • › Buy car insurance
  • › Rent a car
  • › Rent a hotel room
  • › Enter a federal building
  • › Board an airplane
  • › Obtain certain jobs
Oklahoma DUI Prosecutors

What Do The Prosecutors Think Of Bruce Edge?

During a recent First Degree Manslaughter trial, the prosecutor was making closing remarks to the jury and in a frustrated tone said: "This Trial is NOT about how much Bruce Edge Knows!!!!!" Obviously it was -- because the jury said...NOT GUILTY!!!! › Learn More

Edge Law Staying Out Of Jail

Staying Out Of Jail:
Oklahoma DUI Attorney Comparison Chart

This chart can be easily downloaded and used to compare Oklahoma DUI lawyers before you make a life changing decision. › View and Download

Breathalyzer Science

Breath Testing — Is It Voodoo Science?

You should know the ‘machine’ you were tested on was introduced over 20 years ago. It is capable of capturing your breath sample so you can retest it but NO machine in Oklahoma captures this sample. Why? › Learn More

Bruce Edge 7 Sins of Oklahoma DUI

“7 Deadly Sins If You Are Charged With A DUI In Oklahoma”

If you are charged with a DUI or APC in the State of Oklahoma, there are mistakes which can cost you dearly. Do not let this happen to you. Protect Your Legal Rights. › Learn More

Are Oklahoma DUI Lawyers Created Equal?

Maybe… Are they trained Equal? No way…Oklahoma DUI Lawyers may have been created equally, but they are not the same and certainly not trained the same. › Learn More

“5 Big Lies About Oklahoma DUI's”

Just like an old wives tale, there are fables about DUI’s that are accepted as true, even by many unknowing Oklahoma attorneys. You should know these dangerous beliefs and how they can harm you. › Read The 5 Big Lies

“The U.S. CONSTITUTION Does Not Apply To An Oklahoma DUI Charge!”

You may think as a U.S. Citizen you have constitutional rights... Think again if you have been charged with a DUI. › Find Out Why

Oklahoma Field Sobriety Test

You didn’t have to stand on one foot to get your Oklahoma Drivers License, yet the police department uses this to determine if you are a safe driver. › Roadside Gymnastics

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Have you had a friend, co-worker or even worse, an attorney, tell you a DUI is no big deal? Heaven forbid that they tell you that you may be able to save money and just plea it yourself, "the worst that will happen is you will go to DUI School and pay a fine." Sound familiar? STOP — Be careful! › Learn More

Edge Law Firm's Driver's Rights Card

Every Oklahoma driver should know what his or her rights are. Get a Free Drivers Rights Card from the Edge Law Firm to keep in your vehicle. › FREE COPY

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