15 Days To Appeal Your DUI License Suspension

Warning Oklahoma drivers: did you know that just being arrested for DUI is enough to lose your driving privileges? It’s true!

DUI Arrest = Automatic License Suspension

Under state law, your drunk driving arrest will automatically trigger a license suspension. Although you have 15 days to appeal your suspension, if you do nothing your driving privileges will be officially revoked 30 days after your arrest. Fortunately, with the right legal assistance, many drivers are able to successfully challenge their suspension and avoid losing their license.

To appeal your license suspension, you must request a hearing with the state’s Department of Public Safety within 15 days after your arrest. If you do not submit a formal request for an appeal, or if you miss the 15-day deadline, your license suspension will remain in effect until your criminal DUI hearing takes place.

Winning a Tulsa DUI License Suspension Appeal Hearing

Appealing your license suspension is not something most people can easily do without legal assistance. Along with having a strong defense, you must establish a valid legal reason for requesting the appeal—and that alone can be a huge undertaking if you do not have a background in DUI law.